Eden Hotel Collection Adopts New 3 Word Addresses

The Eden Hotel Collection is using 3 word addresses to make it easier for people to find their hotels and improve guest experience.

what3words is a simple way to find and share precise locations. It has divided the world into 3m squares and given each a unique 3 word address. Now people can refer to any location – a hotel entrance, restaurant front door or a remote beachside viewpoint – with just 3 words.

what3words was created because traditional street addressing is not always good enough for directing people to exactly the right place. It was also not designed to meet the demands of today’s on-demand services like taxi-hailing, food delivery and same-day couriers – even in the world’s best-addressed locations. In a recent survey, what3words found that, globally, 70% of addresses will not take you to the front door, with 74% of people saying guests, services and deliveries struggle to find them.

Compared to current street addressing systems, 3 word addresses are far more accurate, as they refer to a specific 3m x 3m square on the ground. They are also available in 36 languages to date and provide universal coverage. 3 word addresses are easily discoverable in the free what3words app or map.what3words.com. They can also be used to navigate more smoothly in Mercedes-Benz and Ford vehicles and can be shared with many UK emergency services to direct help exactly where it’s needed most.

To ensure a safe arrival at each of our hotels, we have created 3 word addresses that take you straight to the front door. No more getting lost in the middle of nowhere with no signal to find your way out! Hassle-free and easy to use, our what3words addresses will get you there safe and sound.

Please see a list of our what3words addresses below:

The Arden Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon ///turned.prefer.clouds

Arden House, Stratford-upon-Avon ///love.tennis.verse

Bovey Castle, Dartmoor National Park ///angel.backup.riverbed

Brockencote Hall Hotel, Kidderminster ///relishing.different.lock

The Greenway Hotel, Cheltenham ///puddles.picnic.applauded

Mallory Court Hotel, Leamington Spa ///fancy.ends.abode

“We’re always interested in new tools and services that improve our guests’ experiences and are excited to announce that the Eden Hotel Collection is the latest hotel provider to adopt what3words addressing system.” Tara Robinson, Sales & Marketing Director. To find out more, visit what3words

If you want to easily access our hotels, download the what3words app, type in the hotels 3 word address and it will navigate you to our front door for your next adventure…